Masaże trójmiasto – Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdynia

Masaże trójmiasto – Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdynia

FROM THE PASSION BORN professionalism skills knowledge

Holistic massages performed by enthusiasts!

Holistic massages Our brand is created with a passion for holistic work with the body.

For many years we deepen knowledge and practice related with massages, trying to be updated with the latest scientific research and also better knowing the traditional holistic massages of Far East.

Learning everyday  and working with the body through massages and workshops, organizing courses in, conducted by us, Institute of holistic body work Zango, as well as unique Festival of concius body work and Massage Festival, make us the opportunity to exchange experiences and constantly deepen our knowledge from the best teachers in the country and abroad.

Our office is in Gdańsk Oliwa.

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What makes us diffrent? From passion born professionalism ...

This sentence is very dear to us. We are passionate about holistic body work, interested in conscious work with the body for many years  and we constantly deepen our knowledge and skills of the range of massage.

  • Body: working by manual techniques of work with the body
  • Emotion: help to get rid of emotional tensions stored in the body
  • Energy: use the energetic aspects of body work

Holistic Massage Explore massages which we performed

Deep Relaxing Massage

Deep Relaxing Massage

Deep relaxing


Deep and slow movements have a relaxing and calming effect. Relaxing massage removes tension from the whole body and brings back natural heartbeat. It aids in  regeneration of strength, cancels negative effects of stress and brings back vitality. Relaxing massage is done with warm oil massage and accompaniment of relaxing music.


What do you get:
Deep relaxation of body and mind
Removal of tensions from the body
Bringing back natural heartbeat

Duration: 1 / 1,5 / 2h

Price: 110 /150 / 200 PLN

Deep Tissue Massage

Therapeutic massage

Deep massage using strong compressions, stretches and other techniques. Ideal for those who prefer an intensive massage with the problems of pain and tension in the body, as well as for people with active lifestyles associated with increased physical activity. Massage with a small amount of natural wax. The movements are done slowly and deeply aim to stretch musculoskeletal fascia. Part of the massage is also work with "trigger points" - places firmly tight.

Massage can be partial (e.g. The rear part of the body) and take an hour or hour and a half in the case of holistic massage.

What you gain:
Relaxation of the body
Release tension in the body
Stretch musculoskeletal fascia

Duration: about 1h / 1,5 h

Price: 110/150 PLN

Deep Tissue Massage
Bodyworks Massage

Bodyworks Massage

Deep work with emotions

Our bodies accumulate tensions and blockages as an effect of traumatic situations from our lifes. Massage : rozbrajający is a kind of Acupuncture (Firm pressure is put against tense and blocked spots in our bodies), which lets you in releasing unnecessary tensions.

What do you get:
Expanding your enegetic channels
Remowes unnecessary blockages and tensions
Deep journey to your inner self and suppressed emeotions

Duration: 1,5h / 2h

Price: 150 / 200 PLN

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Bartosz Zadurski

Bartosz Zadurski

Holistic masseur and trainer conscious body work
I have deep experience in massaging and bodywork. Over the years I attended hundreds of trainings, workshops and trainings. I started sharing my experience and doing therapeutic work and massages as consequence of many events in my life. I approach massage holisticly, working not only with body, but also touching deeper levels of energies. Massage for me is not only the form of physical therapy but also the spiritual one. I perform massages using only organic oils, which are also suitable for sensitive skin.

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