We offer You aromatherapy in addition to massages.

We use only natural oils well-known and respected brand Dr. Beta.

We use essential oils diluted with base oil for massage and a special device for aromatherapy based on a cutting-edge technology in the field of aromatherapy - Cold diffusion.

Cold diffusion - a process in which, the liquid fragrance is converted into so-called mist particle size of 0.2 microns. Mist readily combines with air molecules, so long odor is in the air.

The cost is extra charge 10 zł for massage.

Oils to choose from:

Orange oil
It is obtained from the peel of orange fruit. Often used in mixtures for children.
Soothes: depression, anxiety, nervous tension, spasms, muscle tension.
Origin: Sicily
Cedar oil
The North American variant of cedar known from the state of Virginia, which are the biggest crop. Oil is a powerful antiseptic.
Soothes: bronchitis, rhinitis, inflammation of the bladder, cellulite, seborrhea, dandruff, oily skin and hair.
Origin: North America
Petitgrain oil
The oil has an intense, citrus fragrance It is fresh and tart. It has linalylu acetate, linalool, nerol, alpha-terpineol acetate, geraniol, limonene and myrcene. It acts as an antidepressant, because it stimulates the brain, and consequently improves the mood. Brings clarity of mind and calms.
Soothes: depression, anxiety, insomnia, acne Supports convalescence.
Origin: South America
Rosemary oil
One of the most precious oils in aromatherapy with an extremely wide impact. Rejuvenates and strengthens the immune system.
Soothes: fatigue physical and mental, sexual frigidity, variable blood pressure, cellulite, asthma, dandruff.
Origin: Spain
Bergamot oil
It is squeezed from the skins of Spanish fruit bergamot. Has a fresh and refreshing scent and is used to flavor Earl Grey tea.
Soothes: lichens, ulcers, acne, seborrhea, wounds and cuts, skin odor, bad smell from the mouth.
Origin: Spain
Lime oil
Its fruits are used as lemon.
Soothes: anxiety, disorders of the psyche associated with alcoholism, colds, arthritis, inflammation of the throat.
Origin: Mexico
Clary sage oil
Oil antiseptic and anti-stress.
Soothes: depression, anxiety, nervous tension, also sexual, hypertension, premenstrual problems, irregular cycle, pain of all kinds.
Origin: Provence